Cabin Fever… is it real?

Like many of us during this difficult period, with COVID-19 engulfing every media platform and every thought, the overwhelming claustrophobia after almost two weeks inside is becoming unbearable. Many daytime TV shows are coming up with new inventive ways to stay entertained in the confinement of your own home – colouring, baking, learning a new skill? All of this sounds very exciting… doesn’t it? Or at least it would, if anyone had even a glimmer of motivation. 


The saving grace of quarantine

The coronavirus has been quite bad, to put it lightly. It’s brought most of the world to a standstill, wrecked the NHS and caused over 50,000 deaths around the world. Some of the biggest cities have turned into a real-life 28 Days Later, with parts of London and New York being transformed into mobile hospitals to care for those who are ill.

Summer has essentially been cancelled with festivals, sporting events and just about everything else being put off, either until a later date or outright cancelled.