Black Lives Matter - an informal meeting

We know many of our students have been deeply affected by the appalling killing of George Floyd and by the anti-racism protests. Some of you have told us of issues this has made you think of regarding your experiences at the Centre for Journalism, at university and about the media in general.   Thank you for all your words and thoughts, which we have been reflecting on.

We would like to begin a bigger conversation with you about how the CfJ can work to ensure that all students in BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) communities feel they belong and are fully supported at the CfJ. 

We would like to invite you to an informal meeting to talk about this on Thursday 18th June at 5.30pm.  The meeting will be on Zoom. 

Kent job opportunity - community reporter

Here's an interesting job opportunity that might be attractive for the right Centre for Journalism graduate/near-graduate.

It's a multimedia Community Journalist role paid for by St Margaret's Church in Rainham, Kent.

The job spec says: "Half of the stories you produce will focus on the local community – its people and groups, schools and new housing. The other half will focus on telling the story of the church, its people, purpose and history. You’ll also take a lead on all of our digital content including overseeing the live streaming of our services."

The job offers a salary of £20k plus 4% pension contribution.


Over the weekend the academic team have heard from a number of our students – both in email and in video calls - expressing strong feelings about the deplorable killing of George Floyd and the following unfolding events in the US, highlighting their concern that there hasn’t been an ‘official’ response from the department.
Thanks to all of you who have made your views felt, and for prompting an internal debate about such an important subject.
You will know that we don’t generally comment collectively on world events – but it’s clear that we should be reacting to this one.

The time I wrote a book.

For my bachelor`s degree I did English and American Literature and Creative Writing. In my third year, one of the modules we were able to pick was called "The Book Project". In this module we were going to spend a year producing, printing and publishing a book, before ending the year with a book launch. Which I was pretty drunk for, if I may say so. Free wine and first time reading my own work was not the best combination! 

Stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship.

I have been debating with myself whether I should write this post or not, but have come to the conclusion that it is something I want to talk about, or more correctly, a topic I do not want to be silenced. It is something I find difficult to talk about, as it arises old, uncomfortable memories, and it is a matter I also find difficult to formulate myself around, taken it was a part of my life where I shut myself down and did not talk to people about. I dug it deep inside of me, so it is almost like I do not know the right words for talking about it.