As PC Harper’s Romany killers appeal against convictions, what does it mean to be Romany in 2020?

“The things people have said to me because I married a Traveller are unbelievable. They wouldn’t say it if he was black.” Romany people speak out about their experiences in 2020 

As PC Andrew Harper’s killers, Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers appeal against their convictions, and in the wake of the Black Lives matter movement, one can’t help but align the dots. PC Harper wasn’t just killed by any teenage boys with a disdain for the police. He was killed by Romany boys. 

University of Kent tops journalism National Student Survey table

The University of Kent's BA in Journalism is officially the country's most appreciated undergraduate programme - according to the results of this year's National Student Survey.

The 2020 NSS saw our journalism degree score a massive 97.67% in oversall satisfaction - the most significant measure of a course's success according to its students. This is the best score of the 49 universities in the UK that have journalism programmes at undergraduate level.