The "Sunlight" Centre

The Sunlight Centre, Gillingham. A practice of unprofessionalism.

Let us start.

“Sunshine and sunlight are synonymous, but still subtly different. Sunshine generally refers to the illumination outside on a sunny day, particularly the visible light, and has strong positive emotional connotations. "He's a regular ray of sunshine" is a way of describing an infectiously happy person.”

And also…

Quarantine and Gaming: Third Way Interaction

As we approach a month in isolated life, this situation gives us an excuse to do (or attempt) something productive while we twiddle our thumbs and wait for this bug to blow over. I've tried painting through my vast backlog of unfinished plastic miniatures and have even taken up learning a language with the time I've got, but there has been one notable factor that made my time in quarantine bearable. Not the internet, that doesn't need explaining. But rather multiplayer gaming, the best way I've found to still enjoy the presence of friends near and far.

An odd sleep-deprived ramble about my favourite painting


Is it possible to write about art without sounding pompous? That’s a genuine question.

I’ve written this intro about twelve-hundred times (well I’ve got time for it now) and I just end up writing in Tory. I always sound a bit like Boris Johnson explaining the artistry of building models out of matchsticks, although I don’t have the gorgeous blonde locks for that… not yet anyway.

Please social media warriors, don’t target civilians

There is often a tendency for people to direct their energies towards the most visible issues, rather than the ones that stand to cause the greatest impact. People also have a tendency towards vilifying easy targets and thereby signalling their own piety to whatever audience they might have.